The Story of Madam CJ Walker The Black History of Business  artwork
No Nonsense Market Domination with David Wilson

The Story of Madam CJ Walker The Black History of Business

  • S7E12
  • 13:02
  • November 15th 2021
  • IBGR.Network...The World of Business at Your Fingertips

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This season is all about Black business and Black entrepreneurship, and the impact they have had on our world. This season will be a collection of stories, history lessons (some of which might be surprisingly hard to swallow), and interviews with successful Black entrepreneurs who have made an impact in the community.

Be inspired and develop a greater appreciation for Black entrepreneurial contributions to our world.

Join me!

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We will discuss the life and legacy of Sarah Breedlove, who would later be known as the great Madam CJ Walker. She changed the world with her scalp conditioner “Madam Walker’s Wonderful Hair Grower” and impacted millions of Black women’s lives.

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  • Segment 4
  • The Legacy of Madam CJ Walker

Today, Madam.CJ Walker’s legacy lives on through her inspiring origin story, her resounding business success, and her Black Heritage United States Postal Service commemorative stamp.

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