S7 E25 My Networking Origin Story with David Wilson artwork
No Nonsense Market Domination with David Wilson

S7 E25 My Networking Origin Story with David Wilson

  • S7E25
  • 12:59
  • December 29th 2021

Episode 25 My Networking Origin Story

Growing up, my father was big on books. He was always putting information in front of me he thought would help me grow from boy to man. There were two books in particular that impacted my life germane to business. One was the timeless success manual by Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich. However, prior to that was the book that taught a young impressionable Black boy from New Jersey that ANYTHING I ever wanted to do was possible: Success Runs in our Race by Dr. George C. Fraser! Click to buy this episode’s featured book Success Runs in Our Race by Dr. George C. Fraser

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No Nonsense Market Domination with David Wilson

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