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Balance in Thinkin about Ivan Conti

  • S23E47
  • 1:16:09
  • October 7th 2023

Balance in Thinkin' about Ivan Conti

16 August 1946 - 17th April 2023 (age 76)

Ivan Conti (aka Mamao) was regarded as one of the greatest drummers on earth. A true rhythmic innovator, Starting his music career as a session drummer with Odeon Records, Ivan collaborated with artists such as Gal Costa, Roberto Carlos and Jorge Ben

Ivan gained standing as one of the founding members of Azymuth and is Brazil’s answer to Tony Allen, Steve Gadd, Ginger Baker or Trilok Gurtu,

Azymuth is a Brazilian jazz-funk group formed in 1973. The original lineup was a trio composed of José Roberto Bertrami, Alex Malheiros, and Ivan Conti, they gained international recognition in the 1970s and signed with Milestone Records in 1979, where they recorded a number of albums.

I first saw Ivan in Manchester some 20 years ago when Azymuth came to town, Azymuth was not really on my radar but I was taken by a friend of mine, well, as the concert started I was an instant convert, amazing.

Ivan Conti also explored solo ventures and electronic dance music collaborations throughout his career. Known for his unique drumming style blending jazz-funk with Brazilian rhythms, contributing to Azymuth's distinctive sound.

Ivan's career has spanned far beyond half a century’s worth of recordings with the likes of Milton Nascimento, Eumir Deodato, Marcos Valle, Hyldon, Gal Costa and Jorge Ben. More recently Mamao recorded an album with hip-hop giant Madlib under the AKA ‘Jackson Conti’. 


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Mamond. Ivan Conti - Preguicman

Ivan Conti, grassmass, Stephan Feitsma, Andre Bruni, - Mexe

Azymuth – Linha do Horizonte

Mamond, Ivan Conti – O Surdo

Ron Trent, Ivan Conti, Lars Bartkuhn, – Cool Water

Azymuth – Jazz Carnival

Azymuth – In My Treehouse

Marcos Valle – Mentira (Chega De Mentira)

Azamuth - Starchasers – 4 hero Remix

Azymuth – Dear Limmertz

Azymuth – Tudo Que Voce Podia Ser

Azymuth – Villa Mariana – De Tarde

Jackson Conti – Sao Paulo Nights

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