The Lost Interview - Joe Zawinul –  Taking us though the Album Faces and Places. artwork
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The Lost Interview - Joe Zawinul – Taking us though the Album Faces and Places.

  • S21E51
  • 1:03:26
  • September 17th 2021

Joe Zawinul release his album ‘Faces and Places’ in 2002 – I just had a spell on community radio at the time and managed to have a phone interview with Joe Zawinul and when through his album ‘Faces & Places’ - talking about the inspiration of each track - taking us through the album.

At the end of his world tour – The North sea Jazz festival – then 2 nights at the Hammersmith Apollo – Followed by 6 nights at The Famous Jazz Club Ronnie Scott’s Oct 14-19 – on the Last night Sat 19th 2002 Joe used that night to celebrate one of his 70th birthday nights and the Zawinul Syndicate was razor-sharp and trigger fast – and I had a front table seat.


The Search

All About Simon

Introduction to Tower of Silence

Tower of Silence

The Spirit of Julian 'C' Adderley

Familiar to Me

Cafe Andalusia

Good Day

Barefoot Beauty

Rooftops of Vienna

Borges Buenos Aires Part 1

Borges Buenos Aires Part 2


East 12th Street Band

Joe Zawinul - spoken vocals, keyboards, synthesizer;

Harry Kim - trumpet, flugelhorn;

Bobby Malach - tenor saxophone, winds

Lori Perry; Dean Brown - guitar

Richard Page – vocals

Maria João - vocals;

Amit Chatterjee - vocals, guitar

Zakir Hussain - tablas

Manolo Badrena - percussion

Alex Acuña - percussion

Nathaniel Townsley - drums

Etienne Mbappe - bass

Richard Bona – bass

Les Benedict - trombone

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