Episode 10 Series 2: Emotional Intelligence (EQ) artwork

Episode 10 Series 2: Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

  • S2E10
  • 28:41
  • May 27th 2021

In this episode, Brigit Egan, Oakridge's Managing Director, talks to Steve Munro, Oakridge's Senior Consultant on the importance of developing your EQ, also known as Emotional Quotient, which is a set of emotional and social skills in order to make a change for the better.

Brigit provides the measures around the performance and insights into EQ:

  1. Self Perception = understanding my emotions
  2. Self Expression = how am I expressing that out
  3. Inner Personal = how am I developing relationships
  4. Decision Making = taking your EQ learning onboard and develop this further
  5. Managing Stress = managing your wellbeing and mental health


Brigit shares the following references:

Book: EQ Edge Emotional Intelligence Success Book

TED TALK: Julian Treasure on Listening

TED TALK: Brene Brown on Vulnerability

OAKRIDGE: RASA - The Importance of Listening

OAKRIDGE: The Importance of Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Capability

OAKRIDGE: Resilience and Mental Toughness

OAKRIDGE: STRIDE - Female Leadership Programme for women


The overall aim of the podcast series is to provide you with insightful and informative guidance to help support you and your organisation in a concise and informative way in order to drive business forwards with both insight and knowledge throughout these uncertain times. We will be working towards topics that really support you and your business.

The Oakridge Centres Virtual Connections - Space for Conversations Podcast is in its 3rd Series. If you haven't caught up on our past seasons, please take a moment to catch up on the hot topics we discuss about People and Organisational development.

The Focus points include:

- Leadership

- Coaching

- Change

- Team Effectiveness

- Mental Health

-Embracing Difference - Working Differently, Together

-Menopause at Work and its business impact