Dawaandi with BKE #18 artwork
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Dawaandi with BKE #18

  • E172
  • 1:10:27
  • October 6th 2021

Missed the Dawaandi Show with BKE on 1st October 2021?

In this podcast you can catch up on what you missed on this date.


Proud Gumbaynggirr, Bundalung and Dunghutti Man, Bernard Kelly Edwards (BKE).

Bernard will be presenting a new show called “Dawaandi” which is about reflecting everyday life as a Gumbaynggirr Man and human being, shining light on unity and self empowerment.

BKE comes with a wealth of knowledge about Radio and Journalism after 5 years at 2bbb in Bellingen with the BKE show and was a journalist with National Indigenous Radio Service (NIRS).

Bernard has explained why he wants to join the team… “To expand my audience outside of Bellingen and I love what OneMob Radio do”

BKE will be LIVE with his Deadly Show “Dawaandi” every Friday after ONEMOB Breakfast with Lockie Skinner.

This show will be Fridays from 9am – 11am.

OneMob Radio

OneMob Radio is a Brand New First Nations Radio Platform for our Aboriginal Community in Coffs Harbour proudly broadcast via the Internet on Gumbaynggirr Country.

Celebrating our people, stories, achievements and culture 24/7 all year round.

This podcast is all the best bits snipped up into podcasts.

Hope you enjoy.