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Hyperlink Review

  • E12
  • 05:44
  • March 11th 2020

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The Hyperlink Review makes your checklist available anywhere, anytime.

Bonus benefit to your staff - the hyperlink review and the optional audio/visual content will make your checklist much more understandable to your patients and their caregivers - especially if they don't remember or weren't around for the exam.

You can add any or all of the following:

  • SMS to text
  • Hyperlink
  • Dial-By-Phone-Extension
  • QR (square) code

In my case study with Dr. F - an interventional cardiologist - he was able to add links to his checklist-specific webpage where patients and caregivers can LISTEN, READ, or even WATCH the conversation about the checklist.

This is the very same thing that I do for my limited Pilot cohort. Because my premise (which I am currently testing) is that your postoperative checklists when effectively designed - can emotionally resonate with your patients.

Patients' expectations of the healthcare experience are conditioned to be low by default. And you have an important opportunity to delight them - by giving them something other than an ugly xerox form that makes them feel kind of disposable - like a piece of paper that looks like it's been copied 49 times.

I will also explain how you can digitize your post operative checklist in under 30 minutes.

Creating an Instructionally Sound Checklist involves running a series of reviews.

  • Digital Review
  • Visual Review
  • Sequential Review
  • Hyperlink Review

This mini series will show you how to create an instructionally sound post operative checklist that is available anywhere, anytime.


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Patient Paperwork Minute

MDs - Each day Nathan Eckel helps you gain an unfair advantage for your practice - simply by making small improvements to the minor & mundane parts of your practice - PAPERWORK.

Because you don't have much time I keep it to a minute or so. If you'd like a visual to help you follow along, grab your mindmap at patientpaperwork.com .