Make Your PostOp Checklist Instructionally Sound (Wrapup) artwork
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Make Your PostOp Checklist Instructionally Sound (Wrapup)

  • E13
  • 04:24
  • March 12th 2020

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Creating an Instructionally Sound Checklist involves running a series of reviews. This session recaps all of them that I've explained the last few days.

  • Digital Review
  • Visual Review
  • Sequential Review
  • Hyperlink Review

Just a reminder - this mini series shows you how to create an instructionally sound post operative checklist that is available anywhere, anytime. Just go back over any of these sessions for the deets!

For those who might want more...

My premise (which I am currently testing) is that your postoperative checklists when effectively designed - can emotionally resonate with your patients.

Patients' expectations of the healthcare experience are conditioned to be low by default. And you have an important opportunity to delight them - by giving them something other than an ugly xerox form that makes them feel kind of disposable - like a piece of paper that looks like it's been copied 49 times.

My pilot cohorts provide a way for you to get more guidance - especially if you want a bit more handholding in the process.

I am interested in getting real results to demonstrate the impact of emotionally resonating post operative checklists on patients as well as your practice - so I can improve the parts that might or might not work as imagined - with real world data.

Are you curious? Find out about the pilot program at .


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Patient Paperwork Minute

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