Olympic Dreams with Georgia Godwin artwork
Parallel Universe

Olympic Dreams with Georgia Godwin

  • S1E2
  • 58:46
  • April 14th 2020

In this episode of Parallel Universe, Stacey Umeh speaks in-depth with Australian Olympian-in-waiting Georgia Godwin. The pair have known each other for eons, with Stacey choreographing her Olympic Routine.

The warmth and wisdom in this episode will leave you hopeful and inspired!

Parallel Universe

Stacey Umeh, a guru in the movement space, invites you to explore with her the space between gymnastics and life!

Parallel Universe is a space where lovers of artistry in all forms of movement – be it gymnastics, dance or shaking it in front of the television – can geek out together, share the love and keep it real!!

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