Am I Too Impatient? artwork
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Am I Too Impatient?

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  • 02:16
  • June 20th 2022

Am I Too Impatient?

The next time you get on an elevator, pay attention to the other passengers when they get on. The patient ones will step in, push the button to their desired floor, step aside and smile while they ride.

An impatient person will step in, choose their floor, and start tapping the close door button if it doesn’t move fast enough.

You might shake your head at the spectacle unless you can commiserate with the impatient person.

It is possible to be too impatient. Your quality of life decreases while your stress levels increase when you are.

We all lose our patience now and again, but are you too impatient?

5 Indications That You May be Too Impatient

If you have ever worried that you are an incredibly impatient person, consider these five indications that suggest you are:

1. You grow frustrated standing in long lines. Whether it is the bank or the grocery store, you hate waiting more than 30 seconds for the line to move. In your opinion, you have a million other things you could do in that span of time. You may even voice your frustration in an embarrassing way.

2. You see no problem in interrupting people because it saves time. Waiting for your mom to tell you of her trip to the doctor is torture as she recounts her entire day. You find yourself interjecting to help her get to the point. You always want to speak over someone to hurry the story along.

3. You are a beacon of nervous energy. Family and friends constantly ask you to sit down or stop tapping your foot. You are a bundle of nerves and cannot stand to sit idle when there are things you need to do and are anxious.

4. You have a quick temper. If things do not go the way you planned, you explode. The family has to walk on eggshells around you, especially when they see you have reached your boiling point.

5. You refuse to count on others to ensure things get accomplished. You prefer to do things yourself because you don’t trust others to get things done. While you may want help, you prefer to head the project since others are not as capable as your mind.

We all have moments when we lose patience. However, some people struggle harder with it than others. You may find that being impatient drains your energy and hampers your relationship.

Now is the best time to put that poor behaviour behind you and learn the skill of patience.

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