Can You Fix a Toxic Friendship? artwork
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Can You Fix a Toxic Friendship?

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  • November 10th 2021

Can You Fix a Toxic Friendship?

Have you discovered that one of your relationships with a friend is toxic? Are you worried now that you will have to leave them behind or risk suffering the harm that comes with a toxic relationship? Well, the good news is, there are some things you might be able to try to fix a toxic friendship.

Start By Using Silence

In a toxic friendship, it is common that your friend probably puts you down or says things that make you feel bad about yourself. When a friend is toxic, it can be difficult to argue or debate because this fuels their fire. Instead, when they say something that upsets you, respond with silence. This silence will make a bigger impact than anything you can say.

If you have tried responding with silence, and your friend hasn't changed their ways, then there is a possibility that they are just a toxic person, and nothing may fix the friendship.

Try Setting Boundaries

Another thing you can do is try setting boundaries with your toxic friend. Let them know how you feel when they do certain things that are causing your relationship to be toxic. They should agree to your boundaries if they want to fix the friendship. If they don't agree to your boundaries or continue to violate them anyway, this is a sign that you can't fix this toxic friendship. 

For example, if your friend is always late, let them know that this upsets you and is no longer acceptable. If they continue to be late after that, then you know that your friendship isn't very valuable to them. 

You Can Take a Break

Sometimes, all a toxic friendship needs is a break. Maybe you are spending too much time together, or you both require time to work on yourselves. Remember, you could also be contributing to the toxic relationship without even realizing it. Set a time frame where you won't talk to or spend time with the toxic friend. If they ask, just let them know that you require a break. Take as long as you need. 

If even after the break, your friendship still has toxic attributes, then it may be time to throw in the towel and agree to leave the toxic relationship behind. It can be difficult, but not all toxic relationships are repairable. 

Overall, it is possible to fix a toxic friendship as long as both of you are willing to resolve the issues that make the relationship toxic. However, if you try to silence, set boundaries, and take a break, but your friend still seems toxic, it may be time to accept the fact and resolve to make some new friends. 

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