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Narcissism - Narcissistic Personality Disorder

  • S4E152
  • 1:03:31
  • September 9th 2021

Contents of the training programme

IntroductionSigns of a Narcissistic Personality DisorderBelieve They Are Better Than Anyone ElseNeed Constant Praise, Attention, and AdmirationSense of EntitlementThe Tendency to Demean and Belittle OthersAssociating Themselves to People with StatusTake Advantage of Other PeopleLack of EmpathyReactive to CriticismThe Different Types of NarcissistsThe Exhibitionist NarcissistThe Closet NarcissistThe Malignant (Toxic) NarcissistThe bullying narcissistThe seducer narcissistWhat Is, a Covert NarcissistOvert and CovertThe Signs of a Covert NarcissistQuiet SuperiorityNonchalant DisregardWhat is the difference between empathy and sympathy?Extreme SensitivityEmotionally UnavailablePassive-AggressivenessAre Narcissists and Sociopaths The Same?Do you believe most Ponzi schemers are sociopaths?Another Selfie? You Might Be a NarcissistCan You Stop Being a Narcissist?Develop the Right Mindset and Desire to ChangeDeveloping Self-AwarenessNarcissistic personality disorder (NPD) and relationshipsThe Velveteen RabbitSteps to Get Your Life Back After Narcissistic Abuse

Break Away from the Abuser and Implement a No-Contact RuleAllow Yourself to Feel Your EmotionsIf You’re in Too Deep, Seek Professional GuidanceMindfulness MeditationRebuild Your Self-EsteemNarcissists and JealousyA Narcissist in RelationshipsNarcissists are very convincing liars, schemers, and con artists.They Violate Boundaries A Narcissist’s Jealousy Issue in A RelationshipCan You Help a Narcissist Change?Changing A Narcissist is Only Possible with Their PermissionWhat Caused Their Narcissistic Behaviours?For the Narcissist Who Wants to Change, Seek Professional HelpAre Narcissists Pathological Liars?They Lie Because It Has Become Their Default BehaviourThey Lie Because They View People as ObjectsThey Lie to Gain SympathyFinding The Truth in a NarcissistProjection or MirroringGaslighting MethodAngry ConfessionsNarcissist TriangulationWhen Guards Are DownAsking Strange QuestionsFinding Truth in Their ActionsHow Do You Work with A Narcissist?Pick The Narcissist’s BrainBuild a WallBe Assertive Without Being AggressiveBuild A Strong Support NetworkDon’t Take It All Too Personally.Limit Your ExposureConclusion

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