What is Our Comfort Zone? artwork
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What is Our Comfort Zone?

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  • 02:49
  • January 1st 2022

At some point in your life, you have probably had someone tell you to "step out of your comfort zone," but how do you know what your comfort zone is exactly?

The truth is, your comfort zone isn't as easily defined as you might think.

Comfort Zones Look Different For Everyone

The hardest thing about defining your comfort zone is that it looks completely different from everyone else's.

While there might be something that is well within your comfort zone, like taking an international trip alone, this could be well outside the realm of someone else's comfort zone.

That same person, who stepped outside of their comfort zone to travel internationally alone, could be right at home trying new foods while you feel uncomfortable doing so.

Because comfort zones are so different, this means that only you can define your own. No one can tell you what you are and are not comfortable doing.

Only you know you.

Comfort Zones Don’t Always Get Better As they tell you to step out of your comfort zone, most people think that this will help you grow and become more comfortable with things. However, the opposite can also be true.

Sometimes, when you step too far outside your comfort zone, this can cause anxiety that you aren't ready to face just yet.

This can cause you to retreat further in your comfort zone and to associate things you once considered comfortable as uncomfortable.

Think of it this way. If you want to run a marathon and go out and run one tomorrow without any practice or work, you would likely injure yourself. A marathon is just too long to do without proper preparation.

Comfort Zones Need Exercise

Does the above make you scared to step out of your comfort zone?

It shouldn't. It should make you cautious about how you step out of your comfort zone. A comfort zone is a bit like a muscle. It would help if you worked it out. Start working towards big steps outside your comfort zone little by little.

Are you scared to travel internationally alone?

Try a weekend trip to a nearby city first. Then try a trip to a different state. Then conquer an international trip. Also, like a muscle, a comfort zone needs to be worked out regularly; otherwise, it will shrink, and you will quickly become less comfortable with things you were previously comfortable with.

Overall, no one can tell you your comfort zone besides you. Just like anything else in life, a comfort zone can change over time if you don't treat it properly. 

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