Why do we procrastinate? artwork
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Why do we procrastinate?

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  • 06:07
  • January 1st 2022

The following piece includes nine powerful tips and three actionable steps you can take right away. It also lists suggested readings for those looking for even more information.

Foremost tips

Sometimes you need to hold off on a task, job, or project because something more pressing comes up. When you continually push it off, you may be struggling with procrastination. 

There are many reasons people procrastinate, from perfectionism, remaining in your comfort zone, or just being overwhelmed, but defeating procrastination is possible with these nine tips.

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1. Figure Out Why You Procrastinate

2. Write Out a To-Do List 

3. Prioritise What You Need to Do

4. Break Projects Down into Bite-Sized Tasks 

5. Do Away with Distractions

6. Take Care of the Hardest Job When You Are at Your Peak

7. Tie a Reward to an Accomplishment

8. Find an Accountability Partner

9. Get Started 

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