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Your Body Language and Your Anger

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  • November 20th 2021

Your Body Language and Your Anger

Did you know that your body language can often display your anger before you do so verbally?

While you may know this, it is a fact that is regularly overlooked by many, which is why it is essential to understand what non-verbal communication is and how it can affect your relationships. 

How many times have you stopped speaking to someone because they ticked you off?

Lots probably, this is a classic sign of non-verbal communication.

Other types of non-verbal communication include: 

  • The amount of eye contact you make with someone
  • Your gestures
  • How you sit or stand
  • How close you position yourself to someone
  • How loud you speak

Have you ever been accused of sending mixed signals to someone?

This is when what you say and your actions do not match.

So the person on the other end is perplexed and are unsure of how you feel. This can also lead to people not trusting you, as you never mean what you say. 

If you tend to be angrier, you may often make sharp gestures, talk loudly, and prefer to sit alone.

If you are in a relationship, this will only send negative vibes to the other person. 

It would be best if you learned how to reduce your non-verbal communication by improving your actions first. This can be done by learning to speak in a softer tone of voice, sitting closer to your partner, and making eye contact.

Learn to control your gestures by not flinging your arms around or talking with your hands. Many people are guilty of this without even realising it. 

You may want to practise in front of a mirror. Then you can see if you tend to shift from leg to leg. Or if you move your arms around like crazy.

Maybe you always look down at the ground when speaking. 

These are all items that can be improved on with a bit of practice. Once you have this under control, you will not come across as an angry person all the time.

You may find that you even feel less angry yourself. Amazingly, you can feel angry just because you know people perceive you in this way! 

Keep in mind that showing your anger is not always done with words but by your body language. Improving your body language will ultimately help you feel less likely to speak out in wrath unnecessarily. 

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