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Creatively Crushing the Corona Crisis in Your Company Through Calmness With Anke Herrmann

  • S1E55
  • 1:00:17
  • May 6th 2020

Fear can kill your creativity. 

Fear can stop you from making connections you need and seeing what’s right in front of you for the taking.

When a crisis hits, your typical everyday thinking is not what’s going to get you to change this fear. 

More than ever, you need to be able to see the reality and the market as it is. 

Adapt to this change and overcome it. 

Look into new moves based on the changing data. In this time, you need your creativity.

Our guest today has had her fair share of extreme and unpredictable situations.

Anke Herrmann escaped East Berlin before the wall came down. 

From there, Anke started a thriving sewing business with little experience in a country foreign to her. She has experienced discomfort and hardships that she has learned to overcome. She uses this as a gift for her success.

Today, Anke Herrmann helps Passion-Driven Solopreneurs IGNITE their businesses. 

During this episode, we dive into how to stay calm during a pandemic. Anke shares how this maintained calm can help our creativity.

We learn the real importance of creativity in our businesses!

Is Fear Stopping Your Creativity? Let us know! 

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