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Does Corona Affect Digital Marketing with Trevor Dudeck

  • S1E51
  • 1:04:15
  • April 10th 2020

The recent events worldwide have left many of us feeling uncertain of the future. It has made us reevaluate what is important when making decisions.

This makes it very discouraging then to look at the state of marketing and growth today. Here to bring his insight on the topic is one of my partners and also one of the best marketers I know. 

Trevor Dudeck is the CEO of Lemonade, an engaging storytelling agency. Lemonade sends companies to the next level using advertising and branding.

Trevor's aim is to drive brand growth for companies through content marketing. In this process, companies can use content marketing to inspire and entertain their consumers. 

The marketing techniques he uses allow him to solve problems and have fun doing it! Trevor Dudeck has worked with brands such as Google, Lyft, Whole Foods, and other big-name brands. These brands look to him to increase their creative and marketing bandwidth. 

Trevor is the perfect person to help understand the current state of the market. He offers his holistic view on marketing and branding. 

In today's interview, Trevor helps bring insight and a fresh perspective to the situation. We also discuss how companies are responding and supporting their communities in this time of need.

How has the recent situations in the world affected you?  

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