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How to Build Landing Pages That Convert With Waseem Bashir

  • S1E58
  • 1:01:25
  • October 27th 2020

Targeted landing pages can make or break your visitor-to-lead conversion rate.

This means that we should always be looking for the best ways to increase the quality of our landing pages. 

Waseem Bashir has created over 500 different landing pages that increase these conversions. 

Waseem Bashir is the Founder and CEO of Apexure. Waseem's agency helps businesses generate leads with conversion-focused landing pages and sales funnels.

He is also the Founder of LeadGen App. This app helps businesses and marketers capture more leads with effective online forms. 

In today's interview, Waseem breaks down the best practices for landing pages. Waseem explains the roles of landing pages within your larger website. We also discuss long-form vs short-form, landing pages in B2B, and some quick wins for landing pages.

What practices will you implement into your own landing pages?

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