How to Build Viral Communities, Get PR and Push Creativity with Kenny Vermeulen artwork
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How to Build Viral Communities, Get PR and Push Creativity with Kenny Vermeulen

  • S1E57
  • 59:21
  • October 20th 2020

The world of marketing can be very magnetic. With content coming from everywhere, you may wonder how you can stand out from the rest and even go viral.

Kenny Vermeulen has the sheer creativity needed to go viral and knows exactly how to spot trends. 

Kenny Vermeulen is the Creative Content Director at Happiness Brussels. Facebook post turned full campaign; Happiness Brussels helps brands spread more happiness. 

With his many successes, Kenny shows how to build viral communities. He has proven that he is a great creative, community manager, and trend spotter.

Kenny has over 50K likes for "the ministry of sports" Facebook page. He has even created communities in the real world. Using Pokémon Go, Kenny was able to get over 15K people to visit the Antwerp Zoo! 

In today's interview, Kenny shines a light on the art of spotting trends. He believes in the importance of experiencing things as creativity happens everywhere. We also discuss how to push content and the secrets to having better success at going viral.

What ways have you pushed the levels of creativity in content creation? 

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