How to Get New Users to Use Your SAAS Product? Atanas Nasko Terziev! artwork
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How to Get New Users to Use Your SAAS Product? Atanas Nasko Terziev!

  • S1E52
  • 59:39
  • April 15th 2020

Most companies think about how to get new users. Many will turn to acquisition to be their key to reaching success. But what companies are missing is one huge thing: activation

You must have a product that will drive growth! Relying on viral posts, PR, or cool giveaway will not guarantee returning users. 

Nasko Terziev is a growth specialist at WoodWing and a community ambassador for B2B Marketers & Founders. Nasko uses data to build activation projects that will attract and maintain users

Nasko has worked for several startups developing some of the most top-notch activation tools. At swivle, a calculator was developed that lets people calculate how much ROI they’d get out of the tool. At Piktochart, Nasko discovered a gap in the market and helped build a tool to fill it. This helped increase eCommerce YoY revenue by 30%

I had the pleasure of reading a pre-publication of his epic activation guide. It transformed my thinking on activation. 

In today’s interview, we find out why activation is so important to a successful SaaS product. Nasko Terziev provides his insights on B2B growth marketing and some of the frameworks he uses to make it happen. We discuss user’s first “aha” moment and why it’s so important for SaaS companies to pay attention to activation.  

What was your “ahamoment? Let us know!

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