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Reddit Marketing and Tech That Changes The World with Brian Swichkow

  • S1E56
  • 1:34:32
  • May 8th 2020

Our guest today is one of the few true "evil-ish" geniuses of 2020.

You could say that many of his projects sound straight out of a Black Mirror Episode. Sharp. Suspenseful. Satirical. 

Brian Swichkow has many exemplary successes. Such as, making a virtual clone of himself as an AI chatbot. Yes, you read that right. 

Among other things, Brian has built mythosone. A non-linear note-taking tool that allows you to take notes from a "single-truth" perspective. He has even used his skills to pull off one of the most elaborate pranks on his roommate.

He targeted his roommate's ads so specific; his roommate thought the NSA was following him! 

This made Brian internet famous in an instant. Brian Swichkow has even done some offbeat ads that both Facebook and Reddit had to redo their ad policies in response! 

In this episode, we discuss the overarching Reddit Strategy. Brian shares the best way to use Reddit to drive traffic and the best practices for posting on Reddit.

We also question if companies should have a dedicated “Reddit” employee.

What Reddit Tip Did You Find Useful? Let us know! 

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