The B2B Marketing Principles That Never Change, Crisis or Not with Andrei Zinkevich artwork
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The B2B Marketing Principles That Never Change, Crisis or Not with Andrei Zinkevich

  • S1E54
  • 1:10:05
  • April 27th 2020

Many marketers turn to that next big hack, social media presence, or fancy AI algorithm to stand out.

Before you can get to that, it's crucial to understand the things in the process that do not change. Learning from the processes that will always be the same in marketing can lead you to success. 

Andrei Zinkevich is the founder of Getleado, a B2B marketing and sales company.

Andrei has also co-founded ROIplan, a community for B2B marketers and founders. This community has over 3,000 members in the field! ROIplan helps create revenue-driven marketing plans. 

Andrei brings over 13 years of experience to the table. Making him a king of B2B strategy and construction of full-funnel marketing schemes. 

You cannot rely only on content marketing, cold outreach, and events.

Andrei has built a data-driven system that tackles the problems from all sides. This allows you to reach your full marketing potential. 

Today, we will be talking about the #1 thing that every beginning marketer should know.

We also cover the most common mistakes seen in B2B marketing. We focus on what marketing tactics are here to stay. As well as, the processes doomed to disappear.

What will you incorporate into your own marketing tactics? Let us know! 

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