Bruce Friedman - Positive Insight Pt 1 artwork

Bruce Friedman - Positive Insight Pt 1

  • E43
  • 27:21
  • September 20th 2021

 Bruce Friedman


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Bruce Friedman is the owner of Adult Site Broker, The company brokers sites and companies in the adult space. He comes from a long background in adult with over 18 years in the industry in site ownership, marketing and consulting in addition to his current company. Adult Site Broker has a podcast, Adult Site Broker Talk, where Bruce interviews the movers and shakers of the adult industry weekly.


Striking a balance between fun and humor while offering professional mental health advice and support. The straight talking pair will tackle the day to day obstacles industry performers face. Each week they will cover a different topic, from relationships, health and plastic surgery to embarrassing on camera experiences.