Self Care - Kellie Marsh Part 2 artwork

Self Care - Kellie Marsh Part 2

  • E40
  • 27:33
  • August 16th 2021

Kellie - Operations and Logistics Chair for Pineapple Support

Having met in Newcastle Upon Tyne during their University years, Kellie and Leya became best friends, keeping in touch even when living countries apart.

Kellie then followed her dream and travelled the world gaining life expereince and knowledge of many different cultures. After her adventures Kellie settled back in her home town of Bedford, in the South East England where she worked in the management of residential properties in the UK.

Kellie was introduced to the Adult Industry by Leya in 2018 when she learned of the increasing amount of lives being lost due to lack of mental health resources. Having seen within her own friends the destruction of stigmatisms and lack of support for mental health, Kellie believed whole heartedly in Leya’s mission and joined Pineapple Support as a member of the board.

Kellie now runs her own property management company, as well as working full time with Pineapple Support.

With her thirst for constant learning, Kellie has recently completed NCFE Cache level 3 awareness of mental health problems and Master Herbalism and Horticulture Diplomas. So if Kellie isn’t behind the computer, you’ll find her in the forest or by the water.


Striking a balance between fun and humor while offering professional mental health advice and support. The straight talking pair will tackle the day to day obstacles industry performers face. Each week they will cover a different topic, from relationships, health and plastic surgery to embarrassing on camera experiences.