Stigma and Shame Part 1-- Leya Tanit & Shelly Karban artwork

Stigma and Shame Part 1-- Leya Tanit & Shelly Karban

  • E38
  • 27:16
  • July 15th 2021

Stigma and Shame have been linked with sex and bodies for hundreds if not thousands of years. The pressure from society to look and act in certain ways has dictated our behavior, self-confidence, and opinions to a point where most are unsure whether these opinions and the accompanying shame have been engrained or personally formed. 

In this series, Shelly and Leya discuss the impact of society’s shame around sex and image on those working in the adult industry, from behind the scenes to in front of the camera. 


Striking a balance between fun and humor while offering professional mental health advice and support. The straight talking pair will tackle the day to day obstacles industry performers face. Each week they will cover a different topic, from relationships, health and plastic surgery to embarrassing on camera experiences.