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How to Post Videos on Pinterest: Uploading Video Pins

  • E4
  • 18:01
  • March 10th 2023

Ready to make Pinterest profitable for you? Tune in to the Pintastic Podcast! In this episode, host, Laura Rike, shares her expert tips on creating compelling video pins on Pinterest, including testing, following SEO best practices, and using sustainable systems for long-term profitability. Laura covers everything from recording videos to creating graphic images in Canva. She also provides resources such as templates and keyword swipe files to make creating video pins a breeze. Take advantage of this valuable advice for creating content that speaks to users' needs and drives actual results.


In this episode, you will learn…

  • How to create video pins on Pinterest
  • The importance of video pins for Pinterest marketing and driving traffic
  • Tips and strategies for making effective and attention-grabbing video pins
  • How to create video pins easily using animation and Canva templates
  • Tips for creating effective video pins, such as testing sizes, having a strong call to action, avoiding audio-only, and designing for mobile
  • And so much more!

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Laura is a Pinterest Strategist who specializes in helping high-performing brands, and content creators boost their traffic, leads, and sales through visual SEO. She is a Pinterest Strategist who helps high-performing business owners implement content growth plans, outsource their visibility and steadily grow their monthly revenue through her signature growth to greatness framework with done for you services and course packages.

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