Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for service-based businesses artwork
Planning Out Loud with RJ Lewis

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for service-based businesses

  • S4E5
  • 57:53
  • February 4th 2021

Last week we talked about the strategic advantages of taking a service that you can do in your sleep and giving it a fixed scope. "Productizing" your service-based business.

Once you have clearly defined your "product", how do you tackle that last step?

By the end of our time together we will explore simplifying and streamlining your new product using ERM (Entrepreneur Resource Management) planning best practices.

Planning Out Loud with RJ Lewis

Jumpstart your startup from zero to scalable. I'm RJ Lewis – owner of RJ Lewis Digital, an agency dedicated to teaching heart-centered entrepreneurs to build momentum with scalable, sanity-saving systems.

During our time together each week, we're going to explore the processes that you need to empower nimble business operations.

If you're not tech-savvy, but want the secret sauce to streamlined systems that you can actually use -- this show is officially your jam. I'll explain and hold your hand through the decisions that you need to work SMARTER once when it comes to the heart of your business.

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