Insider Series: Stepping Up Your Game
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Insider Series: Stepping Up Your Game
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On this episode of Plugged Into Insider Series we talk all about how to level up in your career and what those exact steps are. Think of it like a video game where you have a foundational level all the way up to monitising and beyond.

Founder Kimmy Dickson has identified 7 key levels that you need to pass to be able to get to a sustainable and stable career in forming your music as a brand and business.

These steps have been echoed by the likes of Quincy Jones and Pitbull in the book the Third Door by Alex Banayan.

This episode is for those who don't know their roadmap and are looking for some grounding to understand where they are in their career.

We advise you to go through this episode and find out what level you are currently on and refresh on the steps you have been through.

Find out more about how Hypertribe can help you out with these levels over at www.hypertribe.io.

Our membership pages include all the details of the strategy meetings we put in place to help you as an artist to succeed.

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