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Podcast on Prescription

Podcast on Prescription -S2-EP10-Nature and Social Prescribing

  • S2E10
  • 48:31
  • September 8th 2022

How can our interaction with nature help support our wellbeing?

Our ultimate episode of season 2 of Podcast on Prescription welcomes a host of wonderful guests, all with different backgrounds and expertise surrounding nature, social prescribing, and the impact it can have on our health and happiness.

Dr. Radha's first guest is Michael Perry aka The Plant Geek. Michael has been listed in the Sunday Times as one of Britain's 'Top 20 Most Influential Horticulturalists'. He champions the role that gardening and plants can play in keeping us well.

Our second guest is Amanda Craig, Natural England's Director of People and Nature. She oversees their Connecting People with Nature programme, which focuses on tackling barriers to nature and inequalities in access to nature.

Our next guest is Pam Warhurst. Pam chairs Incredible Edible CIC, supporting and amplifying the work of groups around the UK., developing a new localised partnership model where citizen and anchor both play their parts in creating a healthy local food economy, and pressing for a change in the law giving the citizen the right to grow food in the public realm.

Our final guest, Dr. Richard Claxton is a GP based in Kent, he is a GP trainer and sits on the Kent Local Medical Committee. He advocates for the benefits that gardening and horticulture have both for himself and for his patients.

Podcast on Prescription

Welcome to Podcast on Prescription, brought to you by Dr Radha Modgil and the National Academy for Social Prescribing

We want people to be able to live their best possible life. Social prescribing helps people to do this. When you hear the word ‘prescription’ you might automatically think of tablets, pills and medication, but a ‘social prescription’ is different.

So, what is social prescribing? Well, simply put, social prescribing is a way for health professionals, such as social prescribing link workers based in a GP practice, to connect people to activities in the community for practical and emotional support. It helps people gain choice and control over their wellbeing, to manage their needs and in a way that suits them.

It can especially help people who have long-term conditions, need support with their mental health, are lonely or isolated or have complex social needs. Social Prescribing is now being offered across the NHS in England and there is a growing movement both here and internationally embracing the benefits.

And in this podcast, we are going to explore more about the power of all of these activities: that 'social prescription’ that helps people through.

Visit https://socialprescribingacademy.org.uk/ to find out more.

The content of this podcast is not intended to be a substitution for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of your GP or other qualified healthcare professional with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition, diagnosis or treatment. Never ignore professional medical advice or delay obtaining such advice because of something contained on this podcast.