A Stoic Jack of All Trades and a Polymath Walk into a Bar with Santi Younger [The Polymath PolyCast] artwork
The Polymath PolyCast with Dustin Miller

A Stoic Jack of All Trades and a Polymath Walk into a Bar with Santi Younger [The Polymath PolyCast]

  • S2E40
  • 1:11:15
  • August 25th 2020

Hello Innovators! I am Dustin Miller PolyInnovator. Today we are talking with Santi Younger a jack of all trades like myself and host of FOUR podcasts, of which we will get into! He creates all sorts of content you should check into, so I highly encourage you to go check out his site after you listen to the #PolyCast!

This is the last interview of the season! We are finishing off strong, and don't worry there are more to come! This is the first video too with the NEW Polymath PolyCast logo. As well as we go into detail about #polymathy, #stoicism, and more!

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0:00 Intro

1:00 Something people don't know about Santi

2:30 #Esperanto

5:00 All of his Podcasts

10:00 Passion of Animation

11:30 Polymath Spectrum

14:00 The Paths of Polymathy

18:00 How to Do your Interdisciplinary Dreams; Burnout

20:00 Productive vs Relaxation

23:00 Tree of Knowledge

25:00 Specialist Need to be More Generalistic

28:00 Unspecialized: Jack of All Trades Show

30:00 Perfectionism

33:00 Quantity Leads Towards Quality

36:00 Negative Visualization

40:00 Burnout but Living your life to the Fullest

43:00 Technological Minimalism

46:00 Power of Music

49:00 - 51:00 What is a Polymath to Santi?

52:00 Being True to Yourself; Polymath's have been Pushed Down by a Specialist Society

56:00 You can never truly know what happens next

01:00:00 Getting to the point of being an Entrepreneur

01:03:00 Second brain

01:06:00 Hit up Santi! And Call to Action

01:09:00 Outro

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