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Choosing to be Proactive with Lee Chambers [The Polymath PolyCast]

  • S2E2
  • 56:56
  • May 12th 2020

Choosing to be Proactive: From Losing the Ability to Walk, to Striving Towards the Future

I am on today with Lee Chambers, Founder of Wellbeing Consultancy, Workshop Facilitator, and overall life guru himself.

\\We are talking about the dichotomy of the mental and physical aspects of life.

Lee has qualifications in Performance Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning Coaching, and Advanced Sleep Consultancy, and he delivers multi-discplinary workshops focused on improving performance and productivity through increasing employee wellbeing. This is an issue very close to his heart, as after losing the ability to walk in 2014 due to chronic illness, he has battled back to achieve a positive health outcome, and is now on the pathway to become medication free. He is currently studying an MSc in Environmental Psychology, with a focus on human interaction with workplaces and natural environments. He also presents the Health and Wellbeing show on Ribble FM Radio, and speaks in Educational establishments about his varied career path.

Based in Preston in the North of the UK, Lee is currently working with business owners and employee teams to create culture change, wellbeing strategies and champions. He is a father of 2, coaches a disability football team, and enjoys the odd slice of cake. He is currently writing his first book, “How To Conquer Anything”, which will be released in 2020.

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Website: Lee’s Consultancy:


Twitter: @essentialise Facebook/Instagram: @essentialisecoach Linkedin:


0:45 What is Ecopsychology

2:30 Minimalism and Our Mental Impact from Environments

3:00 Stimulus and Interaction

3:30 Ecophychologist Purpose in our lives

4:00-5:00 Seeing the Bigger Picture

5:30 Essentialise

6:45 Looking at things from a wider perspective

7:00 Losing the ability to WALK

7:45 Positivity Resonance

8:15 Proactive and taking action

8:45 Attack the Disease

9:00 - 10:00 Stoicism Story

11:10 Climate Change

13:00 Whole world issue, Migration

14:00 Part of a Bigger Framework

16:10 Sharing Stories to Change Minds

17:10 - 18:10 You won't see change unless you're intentionally focused

18:15 Atomic Habits video

20:00 Compound Effect

20:50 How to Glide off the wall in Swimming

21:40 Sleep Habits

23:00 Sleep Chronotypes

24:53 - 25:49 Opportunity for Companies to Optimize their Employees Natural Productivity

27:00 Maturity of Sciences

29:30 Personal Experimentation - Self Awareness

31:25 - 34:31 The Four Pillars Philosophy (Integrated Nature)

34:40 Polymathy

35:20 Your Job may not be there in the future

38:00 Wellbeing and Psychological Challenges

38:18 - 38:56 Being Proactive

40:55 Ikigai

42:35 "Like PolyCast, if you think about it. its a little bit of positivity, a little bit of actionable knowledge to start your morning"

43:23 Power Hour and the Four Pillars

46:00 Elite Sports Psychology

48:18 Getting Better and Better; Team Sky

50:00 Our feelings become our Actions

51:30 Diving into a Pool - Micro Fear

53:00 What does Lee Chambers offer?


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