Finding Your RePurpose as a Softwarepreneur with Hani Mourra [The Polymath PolyCast] artwork
The Polymath PolyCast with Dustin Miller

Finding Your RePurpose as a Softwarepreneur with Hani Mourra [The Polymath PolyCast]

  • S2E31
  • 1:10:45
  • August 11th 2020

Hello Innovators! I am Dustin Miller PolyInnovator. Today we are talking with Hani Mourra softwarepreneur, DAD, and the Founder of

He is a prolific content creator, and what was interesting to note, is that I knew he was on many podcasts before. However he has been on practically DOZENS of different shows. I watched almost all of them before having him on, and I am one of his users on the Repurpose platform. It was my hope that we could have a unique interview, one that is a great experience not only for him, but for you in the audience as well!

I do believe we managed to accomplish that!

Alt Title: The ikigai and self-awareness of a softwarepreneur ;)


Link to the Repurpose tool (Note: It is an affiliate link from the PolyCast because I love it so much! Thanks for supporting the Show!)

Hani's Links:


0:00 Intro

1:00 Hani is an Introvert?

3:40 What is coming next?

5:00 "Launching a new feature is like launching a new product"

6:00 Repurpose Beta

8:00 "As a Creator I don't want to stop building."

10:00 Fair Prices and Solopreneur

12:00 Feature Requests

13:20 Repurpose Dojo Course

18:00 Choosing your module, and skill tree based learning

20:00 Interactive and Alexa Skills

25:00 Hani has been on a TON of Podcasts

30:00 Driven by Feedback #helpingpeople

30:30 Hani's Ikigai

33:00 Zapier and Social Campaigns

36:00 The Future of Livestreaming

40:00 How did he learn all of this?

43:50 Get people to help you

45:00 Engagement

47:00 Interdisciplinary Hani

47:50 What is a Polymath to You?

50:00 Technical Knowledge and Resolving Problems

55:00 Blood, Sweat, and Tears

57:00 Find a CoFounder or Be the Softwarepreneur?

01:02:00 "If you're not technical, go get a partner."

01:03:00 Instagram Beta API

01:04:00 TikTok

01:04:00 What is it that you want to accomplish?

01:08:00 Execution Advice, and Outro

Once again that was Hani Mourra Founder of - Create Once. Publish Everywhere. This is the one tool that I've actually gone and shared my affiliate link for when creating the PolyCast. There will be on in the description, if you use it, not only will you get the access to an awesome automation tool for videos and podcast, but you'll also be supporting the show!

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