Flipping the switch on a Growth Mindset with Sean Sheppard [The Polymath PolyCast] artwork
The Polymath PolyCast with Dustin Miller

Flipping the switch on a Growth Mindset with Sean Sheppard [The Polymath PolyCast]

  • S2E11
  • 57:11
  • June 3rd 2020

Today we are talking with Sean Sheppard the Founder of GrowthX and GrowthX Academy! We are here to talk about the future and philosophy of growth hacking, why it is important, and what new workers in the tech field can do to be more innovative!

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### GrowthX Academy







## Timestamps:

0:00 Intro

1:10 Freedom is like a product to market

3:00 Find a product that will go at timely fashion you'd win

5:00 "I think that long form podcasting is the new great content marketing channel" #FTW

7:15 The Ability to engage in deep thought... has been lost

9:00 Sides sides sides... How do you interact with other people?

10:00 "It's really possible to disagree with somebody, and still like them!"

11:15 What is Growth Hacking to Sean?

13:45 The skill of learning rapidly

14:30 Entrepreneurship

17:00 "Learn how to build. design, and deploy things" #ZerotoOne

19:00 Foray into entrepreneurship


24:00 Knowledge Levels #expert

25:00 Knowledge, skills, and behaviors

26:00 Expanding people's perceptions

26:30 What is a polymath to Sean?

28:00 Learn to fail

29:45 How do you define the person you are trying to solve a problem for?

32:00 Growth Mindset

33:25 Hypothesis vs Assumption

34:20 - 36:38 I don't know, what I don't know.

38:00 Mutually beneficial outcomes

38:40 GrowthX

40:45 A lack of stage relevant talent

43:00 Wide ranging reach of growth

44:00 A hub of innovation

46:00 - 47:40 [MC] The Five Skills to Win in the Innovation Economy

48:00 Last Mover advantage


50:00 - 51:00 [MC] Digital transformation

54:00 Innovation Economy

56:00 Where can you find Sean?

57:00 Outro

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