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The Polymath PolyCast with Dustin Miller

Interfacing with the Future with Thomas Frey [The Polymath PolyCast]

  • S3E17
  • 1:26:29
  • November 11th 2020

Today we are talking with Thomas Frey the Architect of the Future, author of Epiphany Z, and he is the Executive Director as well as Senior Futurist at the DaVinci Institute.

Changing the lens on situational futuring.

Recently launched a "Foresight Journaling" Newsletter.

His three principles in life:

1.) There is great value in the human struggle, and when we fail to be challenged, our best-laid plans tend to fall apart at the seams.

2.) The future favors the bold. During periods of great chaos, comes great opportunities!

3.) The “unknowability” of the future is what gives us our drive and motivation. The fact that the future is unknowable is a good thing. Our involvement in the game of life is based on our notion that we as individuals can make a difference. If we somehow remove the mystery of what results our actions will have, we also dismantle our individual drives and motivations for moving forward.

Links: - Unlocking the secret truths to your hidden future!



0:00 Intro

3:00 Contemplative Inquiry

5:00 Interfacing with the Future

9:00 Alternative Weed Execution for Agriculture

15:00 Knowing True Information

20:00 Global Information Consumption

24:00 Other worldly life & Humanity's Uniqueness

29:00 Importance of Time

34:00 Forecasting Tools of the Future

40:00 Clear Pathway to Success #steppingstones #degree #modegree

45:00 Constant Lifelong Learning and Credentials #microcredits #universallearningpoints

50:00 Gamification of Education

55:00 Radical Transparency

01:00:00 Confidently Held Misinformation

01:06:50 - 01:07:40 What is a polymath to you?

01:00:00 Information Overload and Polymathy

01:15:00 Unified Effort for Global Collaboration

01:20:00 Foresight Journaling Newsletter

01:23:20 Outro

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