Saying YES to Opportunity through Creativity with Dave Birss [The Polymath PolyCast] artwork
The Polymath PolyCast with Dustin Miller

Saying YES to Opportunity through Creativity with Dave Birss [The Polymath PolyCast]

  • S3E12
  • 1:38:03
  • October 20th 2020

Today we are talking with Dave Birss the Master of Creativity, speaker, online trainer, and Internationally renowned creativity and innovation thinker!

We are here to talk about the bell curve to society, Input Fueling Your Output, creating or rather FINDING a tribe for your community, and much much more! Even at one point discussing accountability and GETTING THINGS DONE. Being a completer not just a starter!

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0:00 Intro

2:00 The Lucky Vs Unlucky

5:00 Innovation is as simple as...

10:00 Silos of Expertise

15:00 Trees of Knowledge; Transferable Knowledge

20:00 Curiosity is a Skill

25:00 Motivation Cycle

30:00 Experiments

35:00 Neuro-divergent

40:00 Dulled by Conformity

45:00 Disruptive Technology

50:00 Habits are hard to get rid of; Comedians

55:00 Finding a Different way to approach the problem

01:00:00 Snowballing Completion

01:06:30 ? What is a Polymath to You?

01:09:00 Divergent Thinkers

01:13:00 Teams around Geniuses

01:20:00 Modern Philosopher

01:25:00 Becoming a Course Instructor

01:30:00 Neuro Diversity

01:34:00 Outro (Thank you Dave for the nice compliments ! <3 )

The Polymath PolyCast with Dustin Miller

This show is for the polymathic, the entrepreneurial, the multipotentialites, and the Innovators!

Now on Season 5!!

PolyInnovator (The overarching personal brand that the PolyCast is under), means Innovation Polymath, or future global changemaker. Created a Modular Degree curated with online courses and micro-credentials. You will find topics wide ranging in interests!

PolyInnovator works in #OmniContent sprints, which are like multi/omni channel episodes. So each release gets a OmniBlog Post, TeleInnovator Video, and PolyCast upload! :D


Between the OmniContent, and the guest interviews I have on the show, there are multiple formats for the #PolyCast. It can get a little confusing, so here is the series that you will see:

Fireside Micro-PolyCast

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These don't happen often, but they are the medium sized episodes that may have a didactic feel to them. They are solocasts, with a bit of flare.


Each episode of the Omnicontent series starts with a blog post, turns into a slideshow, then a video, and with the video I extract the audio and turn it into a PolyCast!

The Polymath PolyCast Interviews

The interview and guest arm of the show, these episodes tend to be much longer, as they are interview discussions. They have been great, and the nuggets of knowledge anyone can get from them have been insanely awesome. Go take a listen!

If you would prefer the video version:

All in all they keep a similar polymathic feel, and stay true to the "Niche".... However the subniches can be essentially anything. Meaning the topics could be as well, so don't worry if one episode doesn't fit the bill. I'm sure another one will hit it out of the park!