Taking Over the World by Marketing Effectively with Jeff Mendelson [The Polymath PolyCast] artwork
The Polymath PolyCast with Dustin Miller

Taking Over the World by Marketing Effectively with Jeff Mendelson [The Polymath PolyCast]

  • S2E16
  • 1:15:01
  • June 23rd 2020

Hello Innovators! I am Dustin Miller the PolyInnovator. Today we are talking with Jeff Mendelson the founder of Effectivo.Social, a full service digital marketing agency, and is host of the ONE BIG TIP PODCAST!

Jeff is based in Miami, FL, but works worldwide. He helps entrepreneurs conceptualize, develop, and then execute all-encompassing digital marketing strategies, sales funnels, paid campaigns and getting the right people and disciplines in place. With over 15 years of continuous digital marketing experience in all formats, Jeff is a wealth of information of what works, and what doesn't, in the the digital marketing space!

Please note that #Zoom was acting up a lot during the recording, and despite strong editing to make it sound good; There is these weird points where the audio dips, please be patient with those as it is a really good episode!

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0:00 Intro

1:20 His Story

3:00 "Don't Promote me for anything" #Grimreaper

4:00 - 500 [MC] Building Someone else's dream

7:00 Crash.co and Looking for a job

8:00 Becoming a realtor

10:30 Keeping up with Changes

12:00 Finding the right people

13:30 What is a VA? #virtualassistant

16:00 Effectivo.social

19:30 You need to be doing everything #omnichannel

21:30 Owning your data

24:00 Know your client

27:00 Contextual Targeting

28:00 Cost benefit of paid ads

31:00 Tools we like to use



"Make sure you have the process set up!"

33:30 "The Jeff Effectivo Social Way..."

35:00 It comes down to people you hire

37:00 - 39:00 Providing Value, and Understanding Yourself and Your Brand

38:45 - 40:00 "One of the hardest things of my entire career..."

43:00 What is Jeff's favorite part of content marketing?

45:00 Knowing what you should say no to

46:30 Creator in Chief

48:00 You're wearing all hats (....like a polymath! ;) )

50:00 - 52:00 Cognizant of people's lives considering various timezones

53:00 Companies are going to be more open to online freelancers and online companies

55:00 Large increase in productivity

57:30 Matchmaker.fm

58:30 Batching vs Launching as we go

01:00:15 Trees of Knowledge

01:02:00 Abhishek Lahoti https://onesimplequestion.co/

01:06:00 What have I learned by...

01:06:50 Content Repurposing

01:09:00 PolyInnovator's Strategy

01:13:00 Analytics, shortlinks, and Macro View

01:14:00 Outro and Call to Action

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