The Modern Renaissance Polymath with Eric Wallace [The Polymath PolyCast] artwork
The Polymath PolyCast with Dustin Miller

The Modern Renaissance Polymath with Eric Wallace [The Polymath PolyCast]

  • S2E10
  • 1:08:17
  • May 26th 2020

Today we are talking with the Polymathic Eric Wallace the Founder of Polymath Playground. photographer, actor, and model. A show about becoming a polymath, and all of the areas of interest in between!

Note: Because of the technical problems it was hard to tell when someone was done speaking. If it seems that I interrupt him too much, my apologies, for I truly did want to hear what he had to say!



0:00 Introduction

1:00 Polymathic Athlete

2:00 What started Polymath Playground?

4:00 We want to do things outside our current realm of interests

5:00 Innate curiosity

5:30 Specialization is for insects

6:15 Universal Potential

8:00 We are all headed towards the destination in life, but we can all learn divergently

9:10 Leonardo Da Vinci (P.S. He's my hero!)

11:00 Curiosity SKILLED the Cat

12:30 "We have that renaissance soul within us!" The Polymathic Eric Wallace

13:30 "We limit ourselves because we think we found what we are already supposed to be doing."

15:40 "I didn't know you did...."

16:40 His role in a major movie... Avengers Endgame!

18:30 Camera Talk, especially if you're getting started

20:00 Landing the role in Endgame

23:00 More Endgame talk because of course... it is epic

25:30 Polymath Playground Fedora

28:00 Da Vinci's Apprentice

31:00 Never finished the Mona Lisa

32:30 Level Progression

34:00 Know how your brain works

39:00 How to think like Leonardo Da Vinci

42:00 Polymath Exercise by PolyInnovator

43:00 Athlete Cross Train

44:00 Three Variables of Exercise

46:00 Telling a story (Secret projects too)

47:00 Digital Creative

49:00 You don't need to be a genius to be a polymath!

52:00 The Beauty of Flight

53:00 Being Present

55:00 Multiple types of Intelligences

57:50 We all have that potential #multipotentialite

59:45 YouTube University

01:00:00 Super Connectors and Brick and Mortar Polymath Playground

01:02:30 The Thought of being a "monomath" is painful to us

01:04:00 Eric's Hero

01:07:00 Do your Passion / Outro

The Polymath PolyCast with Dustin Miller

This show is for the polymathic, the entrepreneurial, the multipotentialites, and the Innovators!

Now on Season 5!!

PolyInnovator (The overarching personal brand that the PolyCast is under), means Innovation Polymath, or future global changemaker. Created a Modular Degree curated with online courses and micro-credentials. You will find topics wide ranging in interests!

PolyInnovator works in #OmniContent sprints, which are like multi/omni channel episodes. So each release gets a OmniBlog Post, TeleInnovator Video, and PolyCast upload! :D


Between the OmniContent, and the guest interviews I have on the show, there are multiple formats for the #PolyCast. It can get a little confusing, so here is the series that you will see:

Fireside Micro-PolyCast

Bits of idea bursts, rants, explanations, and simply short form 3-10min episodes.


These don't happen often, but they are the medium sized episodes that may have a didactic feel to them. They are solocasts, with a bit of flare.


Each episode of the Omnicontent series starts with a blog post, turns into a slideshow, then a video, and with the video I extract the audio and turn it into a PolyCast!

The Polymath PolyCast Interviews

The interview and guest arm of the show, these episodes tend to be much longer, as they are interview discussions. They have been great, and the nuggets of knowledge anyone can get from them have been insanely awesome. Go take a listen!

If you would prefer the video version:

All in all they keep a similar polymathic feel, and stay true to the "Niche".... However the subniches can be essentially anything. Meaning the topics could be as well, so don't worry if one episode doesn't fit the bill. I'm sure another one will hit it out of the park!