The Power of Choice for Systematic Thinkers with Pete Sena [The Polymath PolyCast] artwork
The Polymath PolyCast with Dustin Miller

The Power of Choice for Systematic Thinkers with Pete Sena [The Polymath PolyCast]

  • S2E13
  • 1:15:03
  • June 9th 2020

Today we are talking with Pete Sena the CEO of DIGITAL SURGEONS, Powerhouse keynote speaker, and one of the founding members of both Think FWD .co , AND the Holberton School.

We are here to talk about being a force multiplier for change, innovation, and growing towards the future!

"Chaos creates opportunity"

Knowledge. Expression. Experience.

## Timestamps:

0:00 Intro

1:00 Where do you see innovation in ten years?

3:30 Shift in global culture

6:00 Nootropics and Biohacking

6:40 Hyperverse [](

8:20 Splitting Your Attention & Leadership

9:30 Endless supply of curiosity

13:00 Curiosity of the Greats

14:00 The Godfather of Design Thinking

15:00 Personal Brand website

19:53 Creative Technologist

21:50 Force Multiplier & Ikigai

24:40 - 26:40 [MC] Force Multiplier, what is it?

27:00 - 29:00 Systems Thinking as a Force Multiplier

29:20 Modular Degree

30:35 Perk Tree System Fallout 4

31:00 - 33:10 The world's greatest knowledge

33:15 FLOW

35:00 The Gamer's Way

36:30 - 37:33 Changing where your focus is

40:00 Understanding Fatigue

41:00 The Power of Choice

41:50 Becoming Interdisciplinary

42:50 How do you motivate people?

46:00 Peer based learning

48:00 Balance of Innovation

50:00 Loops of Experimentation

52:00 Pete's Secret to Innovate

53:00 The API of Spirituality

57:50 Adapt and Respond

59:15 The Dustin Miller Guide to the Galaxy

01:00:00 Patterns Evolving as a Systematic Thinker

01:04:00 Saying Help me understand #empathy

01:07:00 Old man hiding in a young form

01:08:00 Active Listening

01:09:30 The Crazy Ones

01:12:00 Community of Polymaths

01:14:00 Believe in Yourself

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