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The Polymath PolyCast with Dustin Miller

The Spirit Pillar of a Polymath with Anna Nyeste [The Polymath PolyCast]

  • S2E36
  • 1:44:30
  • August 18th 2020

Hello Innovators! I am Dustin Miller PolyInnovator. Today we are talking with Anna Nyeste the Self-Care Coach herself!

"We think we know where we wanna go, and then once we get its the idea of now what... whats next?....... But if you're taking that path, where you are actually sitting back, and enjoying the things that come up.... You'll realize how long we actually have here." #nolimitations #journey

Don't confuse goals with results, but follow your journey instead. #FLOW

She even mentions the idea of Micro-Focus that I talked about last week on the Micro-Polycast, which this interview was recorded well before that micro episode. Maybe she inspired it in my mind! :D

"I want to do it this way because that is what I WANT to do, that is just what feels really good right now. Even if the result isn't what I thought it was gonna be, it may lead me to somewhere that I never even thought was a possibility to begin with."



0:00 Intro

2:00 Hard Work and Sacrifice is a bad thing?

5:30 Eliminate the Idea of Destination

7:00 Not limiting yourself to goals

10:00 - 11:00 [MC] Figuring out the things that will make you feel much better

12:00 Pareto's Principle 80/20

16:00 - 18:00 [MC] Being able to Sit when you don't want to Sit

18:00 Micro-Focus and Time Management

20:00 [MC] Correlation of Polymaths and ADHD

25:00 - 27:00 [MC] The Pain of Time Management

27:00 Mediation is a Workout

30:00 Origin of Thoughts #Meditation

34:00 36:00 [MC] Meta-Cognition and the Four Pillars Philosophy

36:00 Yoga and Connection

37:20 - 41:50 What is a Polymath to you?

42:00 There has always been Polymathic People

50:00 - 52:00 [MC] Spiritual Pillar #fourpillars

55:00 Self-EduDevMent

01:00:00 Curiosita and PolyInnovator

01:04:00 New Innovation

01:08:00 Thriving in Life

01:13:00 Manifestation

01:15:00 - 01:17:00 [MC] Connecting the Dots forward and back. Yet being in the Present

01:20:00 Changing your mind is OKAY!

01:25:00 Secret Path

01:30:00 Anti-Stoicism

01:36:00 Growth and Innovation in Quarantine

01:39:30 Anna's Coaching and Conversations

01:42:00 Outro

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