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Affiliate Marketing

Following the various ideas we have covered in earlier episodes you may have been able to build a substantial following. Now is the time to consider affiliate marketing as a low-cost option to generating income.  This is particularly attractive if you do not yet have a product to sell.

What is affiliate marketing? It is an agreement where you agree to promote a product or service in return for a share in the income generated from your lead. If effect it is a fancy term for the historical, but still relevant, finder’s fee.

The most widely known affiliate program is the Amazon associate program where if someone clicks on your link you earn a commission on anything they buy in the next 24 hours, with some caveats. It is easy to set up your associate status, I did it in a few minutes. But there are a few things you should know, and I will share them in my new blog The Geriatric Entrepreneur launching to tie in the start of season 9 on IBGR next week. Although I will be focusing on the challenges of starting an entrepreneurial business later in life, as the tag line to my new site says “suitable for all ages” the content will be relevant to all.  Amazon is not going to make you rich a few hundred dollars a month is likely to be your maximum earnings. Some folks have made much more. If you have a good following and promote products that are relevant to your community you will achieve a level of success.

My earnings in the first week of being an Amazon Associate – zero dollars. I must build more of a following.

Practical Solutions to Difficult Problems with Jeremy Gray

After over 30 years in the MNC corporate world at the C-suite or General Manager level I am now focused on helping Entrepreneurs and SME's succeed. Using the lessons learned from working in Europe, North America and Asia while as an MNC executive along with 7 years supporting smaller businesses I bring this knowledge to my listeners. The topics will change but the message will remain the same, how to profitably grow your business.

Jeremy joined the IBGR.Network to build his next career focusing on developing strategies that accelerate revenue, profit, and long term growth. The size or age of your business doesn't matter, only the size of your dreams. He can help you get there with:

  • Mergers and Acquisition Support - building your company to sell? Looking to grow from buying your competitors?
  • Business Turnarounds - your dream is failing and you don't know where to start?
  • FP&A, Budgeting and Cash Flow - profitability is driven by the ability to manage cash flow!
  • Staff Development - are you the only competent person around and success is possible if surrounded by equals?
  • Strategic Planning - how to plan a future that is achievable and achieve it!

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Jeremy Gray avatar
Jeremy Gray
Owner, 3 Continent Consulting Pte Ltd

    "In business set backs are inevitable – defeat is not. If you have a difficult problem let me help you to find a practical solution"

    Jeremy has over 35 years of experience in senior Finance roles and General Management based in Europe, USA and most recently Asia. He is an experienced CFO who has helmed troubled operations in the USA, China, Japan and, turning their poor performance into profitable businesses.

    ​He has also led M&A projects across the globe including an acquisition in China, that was a first for his MNC employer at the time. 

    Jeremy enjoys sharing his wealth of experience and knowledge with others, having participated in CFO Innovation Conferences in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Bangkok. It has become a passion for him to use the expertise he has honed over the years to support SME owners with revenue and profit enhancement programs while imparting strategic development skills to help grow their businesses. 

    Jeremy broadcasts LIVE from Singapore