Empathy in sales: How to easily influence and build trust to drive growth artwork
Predictable B2B Success

Empathy in sales: How to easily influence and build trust to drive growth

  • E251
  • 48:54
  • May 11th 2022

Mandi Graziano is Vice President of Global Accounts for HPN Global where she finds hotels and venues; negotiates pricing/contracts for her client’s conferences all over the world. Here she has earned the awards of Chairman’s Club, President’s Club, and Top Producer.

While on the hotel side Mandi worked in leadership roles in sales, marketing, and operations for Marriott, Starwood, Hard Rock Hotels, and Caesars Entertainment. While working for hotels she has been awarded Top Producer, Salesperson of the Year, Best Site Inspection of the Year, and Sales Strategist Award in 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2008. Mandi is currently an instructor at San Diego State University Hospitality; Tourism Management program teaching Site Inspection; Contract Negotiation classes.

Mandi is also the author of a relatable and remarkably funny book Sales Tales: The Hustle, Humor, and Lessons Learned from a Life In Sales, an Amazon best-seller in 5 categories and ranked #1 by Selling Power Magazine. 

In this episode, she shares how we can use empathy in sales to easily influence and build trust to drive growth. Insights she shares include:

  • Why we should develop empathy in sales
  • How to develop empathy in sales
  • How she overcame anxiety to become a public speaker and top salesperson
  • The business bedside manner and how she recommends we use it
  • 5 questions to ask to improve our business bedside manner
  • SWEATworking - what is it and why it's better than traditional networking
  • How to keep up with public appearances and still build deep relationships
  • Thoughts on events post-pandemic
  • How we can use events to drive business growth
  • and much much more ...

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