Harnessing AI for better B2B engagement on LinkedIn: Insights from Engage AIs Jason Tan artwork
Predictable B2B Success

Harnessing AI for better B2B engagement on LinkedIn: Insights from Engage AIs Jason Tan

  • E429
  • 47:26
  • May 8th 2024

This episode of Predictable B2B Success delves into practical strategies for engaging potential clients on LinkedIn, highlighting the value of personalization and industry insights in communication. Jason Tan, the founder of Engage AI, shares how his platform assists users in augmenting conversations across multiple channels by leveraging generative AI and large language models, enhancing B2B interactions and prospecting efforts. 

Jason discusses the inception of Engage AI, inspired by his challenges in B2B sales and the realization of the importance of initiating meaningful conversations. He emphasizes Engage AI's approach of using AI to suggest but not replace human interaction in the comment drafting process, aiming to maintain authenticity. 

Are you finding traditional prospecting methods like cold calls and emails to be less effective? Jason shares eye-opening insights on how incorporating AI, particularly through platforms like LinkedIn, can significantly boost client acquisition and engage passive candidates. With an impressive 11% increase in client acquisition and an 8% rise in securing top talents, the results are hard to ignore.

It's not just about the numbers; it's about the story. Jason underscores the pivotal role of customer narratives in fostering trust and demonstrates how AI should enhance, not replace, human efforts in crafting these narratives. Whether you're a small business owner or part of a larger enterprise, this conversation will shed light on the practical benefits of AI in business processes and how to use technology to foster authentic connections.

Tune in to discover how you can revolutionize your B2B strategies with AI and create more meaningful, productive business relationships. The podcast covers practical advice on leveraging AI responsibly and effectively in B2B sales and customer service, underscoring the potential of AI in enriching customer engagement and driving revenue growth.

Some areas we explore in this episode include: 

  • Challenges in Traditional Recruitment Practices: Discussing the ineffectiveness of traditional methods such as phone calls, emails, and in-person meetings in recruitment agencies.
  • Integration and Advantages of AI in Recruitment: How agencies use Engage AI to improve client acquisition and engagement with passive candidates on LinkedIn.
  • Customer Narratives and Trust: The importance of building trust and credibility through customer narratives and maintaining human elements in conversations.
  • Internal Application of AI Before Customer-Facing Deployment: Advising B2B companies to integrate AI internally to become comfortable with the technology before applying it in customer-facing areas.
  • AI in Prospecting and Sales: Exploring the under-discussed benefits of AI in enhancing prospecting activities and sales processes.
  • Generative AI for Customer Service: Utilization of AI to automatically generate emails and improve communication in customer service.
  • Accessibility and Cost-effectiveness of AI Solutions: Emphasizing how AI tools have become more accessible and economically feasible for SMBs.
  • Augmentation vs. Automation: The idea is that AI should augment rather than replace human efforts and keep human insight as part of AI-driven processes.
  • Building Relationships and Community Engagement: Strategies for initiating and cultivating professional relationships through targeted interactions and content on platforms like LinkedIn.
  • Customer-Centric Platform Development: Importance of speaking with users and customers to understand their needs and enhance the user experience, referencing Steve Jobs' philosophy of simplicity.
  • And much, much more ...

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