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Predictable B2B Success

How Robert Hartline drives million dollar growth fast with systems

  • E252
  • 40:22
  • May 14th 2022

Robert Hartline is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO of Call Proof which is an app for field salespeople which helps sales leadership track the daily sales activities so salespeople are on track to hit their sales objectives.  

Robert used the same software to scale his wireless business in 2016 from $10 million in sales to nearly $100 million a year within 3 years.  One of Roberts's companies was also recognized as the fastest-growing company in Nashville for two years in a row.  

Over the past 21 years, he has started and grown four companies from zero to $12 million. Just in the past few years alone is taken those businesses from $12 million to over $100 million in sales.

In this episode, he shares how we can create high-growth companies through the use of the right sales development skills and strategies. Insights he shares include:

  • Is sales a numbers game
  • Does cold pitching really work
  • Sales development lessons from door to door sales
  • Why sales development teams should use a sales scorecard
  • How Call Proof helps track activity and build scorecards
  • Key characteristics to look for when recruiting sales development people
  • How to set the right culture in an organization
  • How EOS has helped Robert
  • and much much more....

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