How to become a keynote speaker that drives growth artwork
Predictable B2B Success

How to become a keynote speaker that drives growth

  • E57
  • 48:03
  • June 27th 2020

In this episode, Josh Elledge, CEO of Upmyinfluence, a company that turns thoughtful entrepreneurs into media celebrities, shares his thoughts on becoming a keynote speaker. Insights he shares include: 

  • Why become a keynote speaker
  • Is keynote speaking for everyone
  • Are the economics in becoming a keynote speaker favorable
  • How to become a keynote speaker
  • How to build your skill level as a keynote speaker
  • How to address the issue of diminishing value of the content we deliver
  • Is media training a must for those interested in becoming a keynote speaker
  • How to build your visibility and brand when you don't have any public speaking experience to date.
  • How to rate the opportunities available to you
  • The people you need to engage with when seeking keynote speaking opportunities
  • How to better understand what you're getting paid for as a keynote speaker
  • How to develop your content strategy for an event to make it work from a business point of view
  • and much more

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