How to leverage business masterminds to drive seven-figure growth fast artwork
Predictable B2B Success

How to leverage business masterminds to drive seven-figure growth fast

  • E248
  • 40:21
  • April 30th 2022

R.T. Custer is the founder of Vortic Watch, one of the only American-made watch companies helping resurrect antique watches by combining vintage internals with modern wristwatch cases. 

Within just 8 years, he has been able to take it from scratch to 7 figures in revenue. 

The journey here wasn’t easy. For 5-years, R.T. had a legal battle against the Swatch Group after they accused Vortic of trademark infringement and counterfeiting in 2015. Federal Judge Alison Nathan ruled in favor of Vortic, stating they have the right to salvage and restore antique pocket watches and turn them into wristwatches; even those that carry the Hamilton trademark. 

R.T has also been involved with and developed masterminds and a marketing agency.

In this episode, he shares how we can leverage business masterminds to drive seven-figure growth fast. Insights he shares include:

  • Issues R.T experienced and sees in businesses wanting to scale quickly
  • Why a marketing agency and masterminds could help
  • R.T's definition of a business mastermind group
  • What a business mastermind group is not
  • How to ensure you are ready for a business mastermind group
  • How to pick the right one
  • How to get the most out of your investment
  • How to start a business mastermind group
  • and much much more ...

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