How to use a product-market fit framework to boost growth artwork
Predictable B2B Success

How to use a product-market fit framework to boost growth

  • E78
  • 52:48
  • September 9th 2020

In this episode, Luke Szyrmer, an innovation consultant and author of the bestseller - Launch Tomorrow: Take Your Product, Startup, or Business From Idea to Launch in One Day shares how to How to use a product-market fit framework to boost growth. Insights he shares include:

  • How to find product-market fit
  • Luke's product-market fit framework
  • How Luke's product-market fit framework differs from the lean product process
  • Why achieve product-market message fit as opposed to product-market fit
  • Why we also need to ensure product-owner fit
  • How does the hero canvas help understand the customer mindset
  • What framework can we use to ensure product-market message fit
  • How to prioritize our sources of validation
  • How to clearly identify our buying audience and offer in order to launch to success
  • and much more

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