Investing in a website: How to drive business growth via SEO easily Part 1 artwork
Predictable B2B Success

Investing in a website: How to drive business growth via SEO easily Part 1

  • E203
  • 56:42
  • November 24th 2021

Matt Raad is the CEO and Co-Founder of eBusiness Institute (a digital training organization and is passionate about helping others to buy online businesses.) and with his wife Liz, they have been recognized as Australian experts in buying online businesses.

Matt is also a highly successful website investor, angel investor, and digital educator who has over 25 years of experience in mergers and acquisitions of businesses from $1M up to $20Million.

Matt is regarded, as Australia's leading expert in training total beginners how to buy websites, website valuation, website due diligence, and investing in digital assets.

The eBusiness Institute's digital training programs, help high-income earners transition, from their job or business income to leveraged passive website income, so they can secure their future and own real online assets that can be sold for 20-50x their monthly income! 

In this episode, Matt shares his insights and experiences gleaned from years of experience. He shows us how to go about investing in a website that drives business growth via SEO easily. Insights he shares include:

  • Why consider investing in a website as a growth strategy
  • How do you ascertain whether a website is worth investing in given where you're at currently, in your business
  • What sort of criteria should we look at when acquiring a website
  • How to estimate/calculate the ROI on your investment of investing in a website
  • Performing due diligence prior to making an investment
  • Risks, issues, and control requirements
  • Mistakes made in buying websites
  • What process should we follow when taking over a website and planning future growth
  • and much much more ...

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