Episode 09 - Interview with Dr. Jennelle
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Episode 09 - Interview with Dr. Jennelle
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Episode 09 - Interview with Dr. Jennelle

On this episode of Pride Connections, Melissa DaSilva sits down to talk with Dr. Jennelle.  Dr. Jennelle, a Relationship Advisor, offers support, guidance, and advice on the matters of the heart that matter most to you. With over 10+ years of psychology education and a lifetime of personal experience following a nontraditional path, Dr. Jennelle advises through various platforms including a free, private community on Facebook, a live show on Facebook and her weekly podcast (the Big Change of Heart Podcast.)

On this episode, you will learn more about Dr. Jennelle’s life story, her journey, and how she is using her experiences to inspire and change the world!

This is a very inspiring episode you won’t want to miss!

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