Episode 32 - Out of the Box Inspirations
Pride Connections
Episode 32 - Out of the Box Inspirations
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Episode 32:

On this episode of Pride Connections, host Melissa DaSilva sits down with Nigel Moya. As a transformational speaker, trainer, and coach, Nigel is a leading expert in helping people and organizations create success and abundance through wisdom.

On this episode, you will learn about Nigel's journey from feeling lost and hopeless to becoming a coach himself.  Due to this personal experience and transformation, Nigel knew that he was called to share with others what he had learned. Nigel is taking his own life experiences to inspire and change the world.

This is a great episode you won’t want to miss!

Where to Find Nigel Moya:

  • Facebook: Facebook.com/g.nigelmoya
  • Website: http://www.nigelmoya.com/

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