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5 Questions to Find Your Value Metrics with Mona Akmal of Falkon

  • E114
  • 26:46
  • May 10th 2022

Mona Akmal is the CEO of Falkon AI. She is a product and engineering hotshot whose passion is building solutions to technically challenging problems. She’s in the show today to share data-driven methods such as identifying your product-qualified leads and figuring out what the value of your product is to your end users by using the concept of value metrics. Not sure what your value metrics are? Don’t worry because Mona has got you covered. 

So product-led folks, be sure to turn your volumes up because this will be a fun episode!

Show Notes

[1:08] The concept of value metrics which is generally not well understood 

[3:11] Three most common mistakes that she sees in value metric

[6:12] A lot of times, value metrics are used to identify atypical behavior of a certain customer population 

[8:18] Define value metrics before you even start your user research so that you know which ones are you going to look put for

[8:37] Three key parts of figuring out what the value of your product is to your end-users

[10:43] What are the correct value metrics for a particular business? 

[17:55] When it comes to product-led growth for the growth part, how can you make money out of it?

[21:29] Usage-based pricing goes hand in hand with a product-led growth

[23:06] Accuracy and rigor in defining value metrics are key to all aspects of the business 

[23:32] Your intuition plus data analysis plus unbiased user research all of them have to play together in harmony to understand your value metrics 

[23:46] Coming up with value metrics and throwing them in a lockbox does not result in product-led growth. You have to operationalize these value metrics to see the benefits 

About Mona Akmal

In her twenties, Mona decided to migrate to the United States with a degree in Computer Software. She also had her first job in one of the world’s famous software companies, Microsoft. Two decades later, she’s now spearheading Falkon AI with her undeniable wits and talent. Mona is, without a doubt, one of the best Product and Engineering people out there.


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